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1:32pm 06-05-2017
Jo-Anne Halas
I wondering have any puppy that I would like to buy ? Thank you
1:18pm 05-14-2017
I was wondering if you have or are having any puppies in the near future? Please let me know!
9:16am 02-13-2017
I'd like to begin by thanking you for all invaluable information on your website. I lost my rescued Lab to Lupus which I believe was caused by over vaccination. If only people knew...
9:49pm 08-16-2016
Liz Hayter
Do you happen to have any dogs for sale? please contact me if you do.
8:56am 06-12-2016
Phillip Wylie
Just came across your site and have spent a thoroughly pleasant hour browsing it. Loved the photos of your dog's. Was particularly interested in the BARF information.
Best wishes
Phil, Glasgow.
12:04am 12-03-2015
Louella Webber
Hello, Carole and Sandy,
I'm thoroughly enjoying my browse through your website with all the fascinating stories and information besides the true-to-Border pics showing off curious personalities and gorgeous coats. I miss my dear Happytime "Shasta" Garden! Tucker's dark ears particularly remind me of her.
Wishing Bristle all the best with the arrival of her litter next week, and may those early days be precious for you, the human family, too.
12:26pm 06-21-2014
Sandra Goodwin
After your nice message about Tate I took a tour through your page. Such nice looking borders. I have applied to rescue for another bt in the future but with my multi dog/cat household, I don't expect too much. I live in western Wyoming but let them know I am willing to travel for the right new bt. Thanks again for your message about my heart dog, Tate. Sandra
9:24am 04-22-2013
lynn Bourgeois
Carole, Thank you for allowing me to share with you these lovely friends. I read with great interest your feeding habits. This does so remind me of my younger days at home with our dog.
I do hope that you are still enjoying the company of the delightful Border
5:12pm 03-13-2013
Jack Ferrell
Just lost a great Malinois end of Jan. I am firm believer in natural diet and finding a vet that really gives a d___. We are in our early seventies and will probably downsize on the next companion. Border Terriers are at the top of my list and I really enjoyed your website; it is also at the top of my list. Montana is a long drive but I don't like air shipping.
4:19am 03-06-2013
Lovely website! Better yet, what healthy, vibrant looking dogs you have. I am definitely bookmarking this website as well as sharing it with my friends. This is my website spływy kajakowe
2:15am 11-23-2012
Greetings from Poland I have border terrier, she's name Fabia border terrier is the best breed!
3:17pm 11-11-2012
Regina Keane
You guys seem like wonderful breeders - protecting this amazing breed.
Best regards, Regina
2:10pm 10-28-2012
I am an Afghan war vet sufferung from PTSD, and zeroed in on this breed for its characteristics. I have had pets in my house for most of my 46 years and I am interested in purchasing a puppy to give me a companion at home. Could you please email me as to the cost, and would you be able to ship to me.
8:59pm 09-10-2012
Hi, I live in Markham Ontario and looking for a puppy. After research on breeds have selected Border Terrier as my choice. There are not many breeders but I did find your site. If you know of reputable breeders here in Ontario I would really appreciate the information.
10:24pm 07-24-2012
Nicole Bell
Beautiful dogs and puppies. This is still one of the breeds I am interested in. Alot of interesting information. Website is fantastic. Not alot of breeders in Manitoba. Thanks for sharing great information on the breed.
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