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4:42pm 12-02-2007
Love the new website Carole! Thanks so much for including Chester and my kids It's been 4 years now since I flew to Winnipeg to meet you and the Boldwind gang and cannot express in words how lucky we are to have a pup from such a wonderful breeder as yourself!!! Much love: Shannon, Chester and the kids ttys.
5:31pm 10-27-2007
Wonderful site Carole, and a great collaboration with Joke!
11:20am 10-03-2007
Beautiful site with beautiful dogs!
3:34am 09-29-2007
Congratulations with your new website Carole
11:28pm 09-20-2007
sylvia clark
You did a nice job, Carole. Pass my compliments on to Joke.
9:53pm 09-14-2007
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