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6:13pm 11-15-2011
Frank Gelmotto
Hi Carole,thanks for the info.great website full of great information which im going through as im writing was great talking to you......I will keep you posted as to how she is doing. thanks again
12:40pm 03-31-2011
Jayne Steeves
Carole: Your dogs & puppies are adorable & your web site is
awesome. We are so fortunate to have met your. This breed
as amazing as well, nice to see how loved they are & how
healthy they are. We are happy to be your friends & sign your
guest book. Loves Jayne, Becks & Truman (Two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)
4:43pm 03-05-2011
It's saturday afternoon and it's raining here so I am surfing and thought I'd pop in and say hello! I really enjoy looking at the pictures and seeing what's new with you guys...
Hope all is well...Rudy and Chester are doing great!!!
10:31am 02-05-2011
Tavia Corkum
Great website!! Sweet looking dogs!! Have started to research a new family pet (our 6 yr old "just NEEEEEEEDS a doggie to love" and have come across BT's as a possibilty
7:50am 02-02-2011
What a lovely website, great pictures and very informative, keep up the good work. I have one Border and my daughter has two, they are the best breed in the world (at least we think so).

Best wishes, Val - United Kngdom
2:58pm 01-27-2010
Staci Kenny
Thank you for having so many picture's of your border terriers on-line. I believe, our dog, Charlie is a cross between a border terrier and a jack russel. In looking at your pictures of your dogs and reading a bit about their personalities, I believe Charlie is a perfect cross. I think he could use a friend in the future.
4:56pm 11-22-2008
Eldon Schmitz
Hi Carole, I enjoyed meeting you at the shows in Brandon. You have a great website with so many details relating to natural rearing. Talk to you soon. Cheers Eldon
10:51am 08-22-2008
Hi Carole!
Just wanted to say thanks for having us over last night. My kids and of course Kyle and I can't stop talking about your beautiful dogs...especially Tanna. We hope to continue to stay in touch with you. Again, thanks for everything! Tanya and boys.
9:37am 07-19-2008
I came upon your website this morning. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful Borders. We live in Illinois and have two Borders, a female 4 years old and a male 1 year old. I found your sections on natural feeding and homeopathy to be very interesting. Best wishes to you.
6:52pm 05-01-2008
hi carole..
i just loved visiting your puppies. They are adorable and haha i love them..i hope i get to see them again...soon!

melanie (rochelle's friend)
6:40pm 04-10-2008
It's Marilyn from aquasizes. I enjoyed your website. I don't know if I've ever seen a Border Terrior. They are extremely cute as puppies and small dogs.
I noticed in one of your picture you have a white poodle. I have a 9 year old black toy poodle that is truly the love of my life. I don't know what I would do without her. She is from a litter by a person in the Stonewall area, balmoral to be exact. She is the most loving dog anyone could ever wish for.
Good luck with your babies. See you next week at swimming. Have a good week.
6:00am 03-23-2008
Sharon Ivany- Melan
Happy Easter Carole, just visited your new site. What a fabulous wealth of information for old and new Border owners/breeders. You have introduced me to the world of Borders and the world of raw feeding. I am grateful for all the support and knowledge you continue to share . Congratulations on your new site ,well done and thanks for being there for us. All the best , Sharon
10:24am 03-08-2008
Dorrie Steele
Beautiful web-site. I love everything about Border Terriers. I lost my 15 year old rescue (Contessa of the Windwards AKA: Tess) exactly one month ago today. Thought I wanted a puppy but realized that working outside the home, I could not devote the time needed. Decided to look for an adolescent. Maybe a potential show quality BT that didn't quite make the cut. Sincerely, Dorrie Steele,, Mission Viejo, California.
10:08am 02-28-2008
Patti Welch
Hi! New to the Border Terrier but have studied and waited to add one to our family. Six Years! Definately worth the wait. We now have our Diva. Pretty little bitch. I would love to learn more and would appreciate some correspondence with you.
9:27am 01-22-2008
Lovely website! Better yet, what healthy, vibrant looking dogs you have. Your Natural Rearing practices are obviously working. I breed Scottish Terriers and as one Terrier breeder to another, job well done, great dogs, Champions and longevity, who could ask for more.

Kathleen, KC Scottish Terriers
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